Import on a personal basis

When, in 1998, the idea for the formation of the firm Know How International GmbH & Co. KG was conceived, the surprise was huge. Why? Because Know How International has no range and no production sites. “Well, what are you going to sell then?” was an often-uttered question! The answer is as easy as the firm’s name. We trade Know How!

So, what should the trade of know-how be then? That is also an easy answer.
Know How International is a service company in the area of import and the focus on “individual custom made products and product implementation”. That means we import those articles that you require!

We started with the import of advertising and promotional articles, i.e. inflatable articles, bags, flyers and similar advertising materials. The speciality was and is still today that these inflatable articles and bags - as well as all the other more than 10 000 realised articles - are exactly adjusted to the customer’s request in terms of colour, form and material.
Over the course of time, a further focus point of the firm was added, sales and packaging materials, i.e. decorative boxes in all forms and variants, and items for daily use.
Our motto was “Everything is possible” and remains valid today: We will realise your dreams and requirements according to European guidelines and standards.
Due to the ever-increasing import and production regulations, we have narrowed our original spectrum, which included products and article variants from A to Z. We have now specialised ourselves on choice materials. Focus areas of the firm are plastic and inflatable items, sheet metal / metal and tins, and nylon and porcelain.
As import firm with now 20 years of experience, we stand with competence at your side, together with our 35 employees at our site in Hirschau, in pretty Oberpfalz.  
Our employees in the Far East support us, at our sites in Hong Kong and Shanghai, who locally supervise and accompany the production processes. Of course, we do not only work together with recognised official laboratories, to warrant quality and product safety, but we also know our suppliers in person.
“Personal import” that is our motto to realise for you the right article in the right quality and version with the right partner.

We act with Know How and realize your dreams and your wishes according to European standards.Peter Baumann, CEO