We are good because we have many years of experience with import, founded knowledge about materials, refinement variants and realisation possibilities. We are good because we take the tasks that we take on seriously and always give our best to satisfy the customer.
Our wide-ranging service has a broad selection of service offers, which you can book as you require them, according to the motto “Everything from one source”.
Therefore, we are happy to assist you during the process of finding ideas with “product sourcing and development”. In other words, we will create customer-specific presentations and present different product proposals, which could be realised within the framework of the specified budget to reach the desired goal according to your briefing. Or do you already know which article you want to realise, and you need to know whether you can do so. We can also talk with you and our partners from the Far East about product development, i.e. construction drawings and model / pattern making, and create the basis for a serial production.
Once the article is approved and the material, size and all other important details are finalised, we take over the control of monitoring the production, quality assurance, coordination of the delivery dates as well as import and final delivery.
Our strong points are competence, know-how and consequent production support, and we are good at that!

We are good, because we always give our best to satisfy you as a customer.Markus Bothner, CEO