Porcelain and ceramics, the white gold attracts you as well and fires your fantasy - not only with the first cup of coffee in the morning?
Porcelain has undreamt possibilities as a present, article for daily use, collector's piece or as a packaging.
The times when porcelain only came onto the table as a tea service are long gone! And even there, cups have morphed into new shapes!
Round, with corners, with a sweeping handle, or without, with integrated spoon or without, as espresso, cappuccino or teacup. Which cup has not been produced?
You know one? Give us a call and we will turn your vision into reality.
But, while busily talking about cups, we don’t want to forget the piggy bank in form of a shoe or a tractor, the small boxes, wind lights, decorative plates, bowls, chocolate fondues and porcelain hangers.
Clever and interesting implementations are in demand and the possibilities are broader than you would expect at first.
Clay, feldspar and quartz in their composition have not lost any of their charm, even considering the hundreds of years gone by.

The white gold will fascinate you and fire your fantasy.Peter Baumann, CEO