are perfect for high quality durable article implementations. Be it a laser-engraved bookmark, elegant jotter pad, calendar, magnetic board or a shopping trolley chip, or tins for pralines, coffee, tea, drinks, CDs or puzzles. Metal is classy and popular!
The possibilities are enormous, especially in the area of packaging. presents examples of creative and individual decorative tins as packaging, which are real “eye-catchers” and as collectors’ pieces.
Round or with corners, star or heart-shaped, or even in a special shape, such as a fish tin? With or without a window? Embossed, punched or engraved?
Would you like a clip lock or a zip or maybe the classic hooded lid?
Questions upon questions...! Talk to us and we’ll also find the ideal packaging for your product.
Put your product on stage and use the packaging to promote their sales.
Conquer market shares with the additional use.

Especially in the packaging sector the variety of possibilities is enormous.Peter Baumann, CEO