felt, a traditional material that has rightly moved back into focus

Trendy articles for daily use. The best ambassador of a brand is a product that presents itself in everyday use as a helper in everyday use. In addition to their high functionality and haptic feel-good factor, felt products represent a contemporary group of materials which, due to their simple processing, offer a multitude of possibilities. Bags and backpacks for young and old, for shopping, travel, cosmetics or simply as storage for family silver and cutlery. Felt is versatile, stable and offers protection against external influences. Felt coasters protect against stains, felt egg warmers keep warm, felt banderoles around the coffee-to-go cup keep warm and protect in equal parts and a felt seat cushion offers comfort and optimum temperature control to name just a few examples of everyday use. With felt you are always right.

Advantages of felt as a material:

  • high elasticity of the material
  • extensible
  • pressure-elastic
  • resistant
  • insulating against heat & cold
  • soundproof
  • moisture-repellent
  • upholstering
  • easy to clean

The process of "felting" can be achieved by various processing methods, depending on the base material used and the origin. Both flex fabrics and needle felt or press felt are used. Depending on the source material, the material is processed by wet or dry felting. As a result, felt in each of the variants mentioned presents itself as a wonderful material that has once again won over a large fan base. Our team and our supplier partners will be happy to assist you in creating the ideal ambassador for your brand.